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I hate winter

         I am so over this winter crap. It should only snow a little bit before Christmas and last a few days after new years or something like that. But as we all know that will never happen. Time drags by so slow and I hate how it gets dark at 5:30. I have super cabin fever. 
        Today we got the keys for the apartment next door so we get to slowly move things next door. Thank god because its snowing here yet again and that would suck some major ass! It's going to be fun for me to decorate over there and now there's a room for Kaylees stuff! I think were going to pain the nursery a nice light pink, not anything that looks like pepto bismol. The crib and changing dresser thing is white so that goes with everything. I'll be happy when everything is all moved and I can relax because my hips hurt like a son of a bitch. Seriously feels like they are being ripped apart, probably because they are.
       We went to a reptile show on sunday. It was interesting, this was the first one I've ever went to. There were tons of snakes and geckos. So we bought some food for the lil guys and left. It's been pretty uneventful lately.
       On the 21st my divorce was finally final. 7 fucking years it took for this asshole to sign some papers. I got every excuse in the book. Seriously who doesn't want to sign divorce papers??!! My ex of course to make my life hard. I bought 4 diffrent sets of papers since he "lost" the ones I gave to him to sign. And the only reason he doesn't want to divorce me is because he then he has to marry his girlfriend. Did I mention they already have a kid and another one on the way. If I were her I would have demanded that shit be done. Gah. Birds of a feather flock together. They deserve each other.
     So that being said that means I get to marry the father of my child. We were going to get married before I even got pregnant. Now people are going to think were getting married because I'm pregnant. So whatever let them think what they will.
      Anywho I'm going to try and take it easy today since my hips seriously hurt. I'll hang out with the beardies. They're growing like weeds already *sniffle*

thats all for now

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