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Sunday funday?

I suck at updating, and I say it everytime I update so I should write something everyday so I don't have to write a book everytime I'm on here.
     Anyway. Things have been okay for the most part. Kevin had an MRI on wednesday. We don't know anything new still about his head and the results from the spinal tap. I hate waiting!
I went for my monthly checkup at the baby doc thursday and that was a nice fast 10 minutes. I lost 3 pounds. I have no clue how that happened? I even ate McDonalds the night before and I felt like a pig after I ate. She said she wanted to do an 18 week anatomy scan and we can finally find out what were having. So thats on the 21st at 9:30. So I don't even have to wait all day to see whats going on. My dad is so excited I think its cute. I told him last year when I met him that I couldn't have kids and he was all sad, so the day I called him and told him there was a bun in the oven he was beyond happy.
     So we didn't go to church today but I did clean the bathroom so there. I've been like super lady around the house anymore. Everything is all clean and in order. I baked like it was my job last night. I guess I'm finally getting some energy back. Finally. It's almost like I feel like my old self.
      I have to give the smaller lizard Digit medicine for a week so his foot will be all better. I will still have some medicine left over just incase something else happens. There hasn't been a dull moment since we got these 2.
      I have been having these horrible pains right where my bump starts. Its like really deep in there and it feels like nails are stabbing me non stop for minutes at a time and it doesn't let up for hours at a time. It was an all day thing yesterday. I had other pains before which I thought was just round ligament pain. There isn't any blood so I'm not freaking out super bad about it. It's just a pain in the ass. I thought you were only supposed to have pain when pregnancy was almost over like as in labor. I'm stupid.

Anyway I'm going to get off here and do some stuff before I become un-motivated.



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