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I got photobucket!

I FINALLY caved and got Photobucket. I had an awesome one before with like all the pix I have ever taken in my life but my ex knew the password and he is a freak so I know he was probably still in there Oogling it. I figured that Hey I can post pictures in my journal if I get photobucket and actually participate in communities. The light turned on over my head.

Digit aka "lil man" noming on a strawberry. I'm pretty sure its his fav fruit.

Lil man again. He always has to most facial expressions. Hes the baby and can
ALWAYS make me smile.

Keisel aka Big Guy. He's the first one we got, He had a buddy who we bought from the same tank and he passed away on thanksgiving, so back to Petco when we adopted Lil Guy. He loves to snuggle up to us or dig and fall asleep before his bed time. Hes a cuddler don't let him fool you!

Keisel a week after we got him. He is a little show off. I think he likes to entertain.

Yay . Now I can put pictures to my post's. I have no life so this IS exciting for me

Now I need to get a photo editor so I can make new Icons and banners and decorate my info page!

It is a monday

   If this is any indication how my day is going to go I am going back to bed. I went next door to the new place to go number 2 since Kev was in the tub and just made it. TMI.  So I notice there is hardly any water in the toilet and when I flush, its clogged. So I went to plunge it and the plunger didn't work but it didn't straighten out like it should so it finally did splashing water and everything all over me. GROSS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH. and its still fucked up. I am NOT HAPPY!.

I had to get that out.

I'm going to hang out with Digit the dragon. He always makes me happy.


I am so hating life anymore. Not only does every joint in my body hurt, it feels like my right foot is broken and my hips hurt more than I hurt all together when I was life flighted after the stupid motorcycle accident where the bike landed on top of me and we were both going down the track for awhile. So this all sucks because we are moving! Oh the joy. When I walk my hips click. It's really a wonderful experience. I think I caught myself doing a waddle yesterday? I am getting old. I really don't like mornings anymore either. I'm like a real debbie downer today. The days have been dragging on forever for me and it blows. I know I "should really enjoy this time now and try and sleep because as soon as that baby gets here kiss sleep goodbye" and every other .2 cents everyone with kids wants to tell me. I have been around kids and babies and I know what they are like.
  I slept like shit again last night. My stomach hates me. I can't get comfy. When I roll over it feels like someone beat me. wah wah. ok I'm done.

  Soooo today we get to move the huge TV, the entertainment system, the lizard racks, the aquariums, were getting some movers to move the couch thank god, its like a bulky million pound couch. I'm just over it, I want the move to be done, even if it is a hot mess in the new place for awhile I will get to it!!!!

  On a lighter note.. Digit and Keisel have been getting along fairly good. I gave them both a bath yesterday and Keisel didn't give the lil guy any shit. Yes I know they are lizards but they do have attitude. All Digit wants to do when he sees Keisel is lick him and usually Keisel wants to bite him. Maybe it was a phase. I can understand Digit having beef with his brother since he did get 3 toes bitten off when he was a baby. That teaches me to listen to Petco when they say "they won't fight". Until you come home one day wondering why there's toes hanging off lil man.  


ten four

I hate winter

         I am so over this winter crap. It should only snow a little bit before Christmas and last a few days after new years or something like that. But as we all know that will never happen. Time drags by so slow and I hate how it gets dark at 5:30. I have super cabin fever. 
        Today we got the keys for the apartment next door so we get to slowly move things next door. Thank god because its snowing here yet again and that would suck some major ass! It's going to be fun for me to decorate over there and now there's a room for Kaylees stuff! I think were going to pain the nursery a nice light pink, not anything that looks like pepto bismol. The crib and changing dresser thing is white so that goes with everything. I'll be happy when everything is all moved and I can relax because my hips hurt like a son of a bitch. Seriously feels like they are being ripped apart, probably because they are.
       We went to a reptile show on sunday. It was interesting, this was the first one I've ever went to. There were tons of snakes and geckos. So we bought some food for the lil guys and left. It's been pretty uneventful lately.
       On the 21st my divorce was finally final. 7 fucking years it took for this asshole to sign some papers. I got every excuse in the book. Seriously who doesn't want to sign divorce papers??!! My ex of course to make my life hard. I bought 4 diffrent sets of papers since he "lost" the ones I gave to him to sign. And the only reason he doesn't want to divorce me is because he then he has to marry his girlfriend. Did I mention they already have a kid and another one on the way. If I were her I would have demanded that shit be done. Gah. Birds of a feather flock together. They deserve each other.
     So that being said that means I get to marry the father of my child. We were going to get married before I even got pregnant. Now people are going to think were getting married because I'm pregnant. So whatever let them think what they will.
      Anywho I'm going to try and take it easy today since my hips seriously hurt. I'll hang out with the beardies. They're growing like weeds already *sniffle*

thats all for now

Surprise surprise

       After not really sleeping at all last night and counting down the days and hours we finally got to see what were having. I had no clue that the anatomy scan took an hour. I enjoyed seeing every nook and cranny of my little one. So when she finally asked if we wanted to know the gender we all were like yeahh. So she pointed out 3 little lines and said its a girl! Totally shocked me! Yeah I admit I cried, Kevins mom and him also did. I think Kevin was thinking I was going to be upset that it wasn't a boy but I have been having dreams that it was a girl so I was prepared. Hey my brain at least had it right. She was being stubborn so I think I have to go back again sometime to try to look at the heart again. Her arms were above her head most of the time. She sleeps like I do. It was funny, I had to leave walk around and come back and when I got back she was all stretched out with her legs up on one of my walls. Like hey there take it easy, relax. haha. Kevin was all super lovable after that, hes super excited. So this has to be one of the best days of my life :)
       I really can't think about anything else. I think I'm finally letting myself let this whole pregnancy set in. I was too afraid to be happy and excited about it before since I had the tubal last time. But its really real. She moves, shes a she, she has Kevins nose. Its just so much I feel like I'm going to explode .

Longest day everrr

          Well tomorrow is finally the day! I get to know whats been swimming around in there. I keep having dreams about the baby and every time It's a little girl. Which is no problem with me I just think its a boy. I think my brains just messing with me. I'll be a happy camper either way. Maybe this is just my mind telling me to keep an open mind about this!
       All our christmas shopping is finally over thank god. I am so sick of holiday cheer, people and their carts. Really on saturday I almost lost it in walmart. We had to abandon our cart since 3 girls came in the barbie isle where I was shopping for my neice and were wrecking the place and crawling on and in our cart. gah. I just need to wrap everything and its all done.
        Yeah.. I don't feel like really writing anymore since its not like I'm going to read this ever again and I'm sure no one else does. har har..

subject. questions

             I am terrible at updating.
             So the day at the hospital went well. They must have not been busy because the nurse was there like that. She was really nice and didn't make me feel like an idiot. So it was round ligament pain after all. They wanted to check the good ole insides and everything there was locked down like a vault. They gave me a script for more potent tylenol (that still doesn't work and muscle relaxers that do. So I had one hell of a nap that day. I ended up falling asleep after I took the muscle relaxer woke up just in time for bed then went to bed.
           Things still hurt and I imagine they will up till like 20 weeks or so. I was trying to read ahead in the baby book to get an idea. I had no idea pregnancy was this painful before birth. But its not like I hung out with tons of pregnant chicks, you think I would have since all my friends have had kids forever and I'm the last one out of everyone to finally have kids. But the hand me downs are great.
          The 21st can't come fast enough. I'm dying to know whats in there!!! I think it's a boy, its kind of been embedded in my brain for awhile now. I totally shut out the thought that it could be a girl. I will be happy either way just kinda really shocked. Lil girls are so cute though. So Kevin had to tell me to keep my mind open just in case its a girl. He thinks im going to be upset if it is. I just want a healthy baby!!

          So Digit (I don't care if its spelled "wrong" its the way I like) is done with his week of reptile meds and he is sooo hyperactive. He spends the whole day running around his aquarium like an idiot. He has found the ability to jump very far in there. He has a field day when we take him out, he makes me tired but this is good training. Now since his toes are healed (I guess they have a smell they emit when they're sick called Necrosis) so thats why last week the bigger brother kinda went after his feet. I thought they were fighting and the big one like mauled the little one but it was just cuz he smelled bad. But all is well they literally kissed and made up. And were still behind like 300 bucks since we had to pay 80 for the vet and meds and we had to buy a whole new bearded dragon starter kit along with things for the inside so thats like 250?
          So Kevin got a nice aquarium for the Betas and put a plexi glass divider in and bought them plants. It has a filter so we don't have to change the water every 4 days and die of the stink of the water. Seriously I hurl so bad even if I don't have to clean it since the smell permeates the apartment. Anyway. So they were happy the first day and near dinner time the 2nd night I thought the one fish Zongo was sleeping in one of his plants.. Nope he died. and the next morning Kenzie the lil fish was dead. So there ends our experience with fish I suppose. I still want to try it one last time because fish are a nice touch. So I will work on Kevin today about this. If we get new ones and they die too then were SOL. I think it might be because betas don't do change well and we put them in a whole new environment.
          It really doesnt feel like 11 days before Christmas. It didn't even feel like thanksgiving... We have so much crap to do. More Christmas shopping on payday and lots of family events.

        My dad and Tina still have to meet Kevs parents. We figured this would be a good time since were getting married in January and having this baby.

Ok so heres some questions if anyone can answer them for me I will be forever greatful.

* Where would I be able to aquire a maternity coat? Or do I just have to go buy a huge coat and hope I don't outgrow it??

* How to I post pictures on here behind a cut? I posted one picture and it was huge and wouldn't let me make it smaller. I used to be a livejournal pro but I took a few years off of it!

have a wonderful day


            I have no clue what the hell my body is doing. I had the round ligament pain but this pain is new pain. I have no idea what the hell it could be or what is goin on but its been 5 days now. I woke up in the middle of the night to pee and couldn't really stand straight. I peed and that hurt like all hell. I think I'm going to take  trip to the hospital today when Kevin gets home. Its like this deep deep weird radiating pain. It feels like someones cutting me with something sharp. Not cool at all. And now im getting these really really sharp intese pains that come every few minutes. I took a BM this morning finally so its not that. I really have NO CLUE. My body was already taken hostage and I was cool with that now just if it would stop trying to kill me.
         These pains are so intense that I had to stop doing what I was doing. No tyelnol didn't help me either.

        I'm going to attempt to take a shower now before Kev gets home so at least I'm clean to go to the hospital. I'm not dirty or anything I just am a clean freak or something.

Hope everything is ok...


Sunday funday?

I suck at updating, and I say it everytime I update so I should write something everyday so I don't have to write a book everytime I'm on here.
     Anyway. Things have been okay for the most part. Kevin had an MRI on wednesday. We don't know anything new still about his head and the results from the spinal tap. I hate waiting!
I went for my monthly checkup at the baby doc thursday and that was a nice fast 10 minutes. I lost 3 pounds. I have no clue how that happened? I even ate McDonalds the night before and I felt like a pig after I ate. She said she wanted to do an 18 week anatomy scan and we can finally find out what were having. So thats on the 21st at 9:30. So I don't even have to wait all day to see whats going on. My dad is so excited I think its cute. I told him last year when I met him that I couldn't have kids and he was all sad, so the day I called him and told him there was a bun in the oven he was beyond happy.
     So we didn't go to church today but I did clean the bathroom so there. I've been like super lady around the house anymore. Everything is all clean and in order. I baked like it was my job last night. I guess I'm finally getting some energy back. Finally. It's almost like I feel like my old self.
      I have to give the smaller lizard Digit medicine for a week so his foot will be all better. I will still have some medicine left over just incase something else happens. There hasn't been a dull moment since we got these 2.
      I have been having these horrible pains right where my bump starts. Its like really deep in there and it feels like nails are stabbing me non stop for minutes at a time and it doesn't let up for hours at a time. It was an all day thing yesterday. I had other pains before which I thought was just round ligament pain. There isn't any blood so I'm not freaking out super bad about it. It's just a pain in the ass. I thought you were only supposed to have pain when pregnancy was almost over like as in labor. I'm stupid.

Anyway I'm going to get off here and do some stuff before I become un-motivated.



after turkeyday post

      Thanksgiving went all good. It was the first Thanksgiving with my Dad :)
       Wednesday was the day that Kevin had to go in for his doctor to make sure his shoulder was recovering and all good after the shoulder surgery. They gave him a prescription for physical therapy 3 to 4  times a week with a 10 dollar copay. (bullshit) And then we went for his lumbar puncture. It took like all day. I slept like shit the night before and so we all did I found out when Kevs mom picked us up. The hospital forgot about him in the hall so he didn't get to see us untill 45 minz later. So he had to lay down for the rest of the day or else he would end up getting a spinal headache and you dont want those. So this headache might come back up to 2 days later. So the poor guy is suffering from a headache still. :(
       Kevin got his paycheck and bonus earlier that day so I was reminding him how we should get bearded dragons soon. So my impatient ass got him thinking to do it that night. Yay. So he could lay down I went to pick up the tank kit and everything. So my pregnant ass was carrying this wide ass heavy box to the car and some car had the nerve to beep at me. I was using the crosswalk asshole and I looked both ways TWICE. So then Kev went with me to the Mills to get the lizard. It turned into us getting the 2 little ones so they'd have someone to hang out with. Long story short. the smaller of the 2 lizards was real lethargic and didn't eat or anything, he was also shedding so he didn't really open his eyes. The lil one ended up dying thursday night :( So we had to put his little body back in the tupperwear thing they gave us and take him back. The same girl that helped us with these 2 was there and just made this sad face. Its nice that there are caring people that know what they're talking about working there. So they were out of beardies so we called petco and petsmart to find another one. We went down the road where the lady said there was 3. There were really 4 there was just a really tiny one that all the other ones were sitting on. We ended up picking the biggest little one and he was hyper. They get along great. They do this funny wave thing to each other, it just signals that "hey im cool " . lol.
         We went to the backyard brawl yesterday. It was freezing and I felt like I was seriously going to die. I'm already anemic so I was turning blue. Kevs mom got me a warm pitt hoodie since she insisted that I was freezing and she was right. We lost poorly.

Ah. Well I promised Kev I would clean the house today. I'm feeling better and I feel like my old self again. This 2nd trimester shit isn't so bad after all. Knock on wood now that I said that. So off to clean ! And Kev has to go back to the tattoo shop today and work 2 to 6. He doesn't wanna go back yet but what can you do?