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I got photobucket!

I FINALLY caved and got Photobucket. I had an awesome one before with like all the pix I have ever taken in my life but my ex knew the password and he is a freak so I know he was probably still in there Oogling it. I figured that Hey I can post pictures in my journal if I get photobucket and actually participate in communities. The light turned on over my head.

Digit aka "lil man" noming on a strawberry. I'm pretty sure its his fav fruit.

Lil man again. He always has to most facial expressions. Hes the baby and can
ALWAYS make me smile.

Keisel aka Big Guy. He's the first one we got, He had a buddy who we bought from the same tank and he passed away on thanksgiving, so back to Petco when we adopted Lil Guy. He loves to snuggle up to us or dig and fall asleep before his bed time. Hes a cuddler don't let him fool you!

Keisel a week after we got him. He is a little show off. I think he likes to entertain.

Yay . Now I can put pictures to my post's. I have no life so this IS exciting for me

Now I need to get a photo editor so I can make new Icons and banners and decorate my info page!


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Jan. 31st, 2011 11:04 pm (UTC)
Its juvinile (*SP) beardie food and dried grasshoppers and meal worms. It gets them to eat the food more.
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