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Surprise surprise

       After not really sleeping at all last night and counting down the days and hours we finally got to see what were having. I had no clue that the anatomy scan took an hour. I enjoyed seeing every nook and cranny of my little one. So when she finally asked if we wanted to know the gender we all were like yeahh. So she pointed out 3 little lines and said its a girl! Totally shocked me! Yeah I admit I cried, Kevins mom and him also did. I think Kevin was thinking I was going to be upset that it wasn't a boy but I have been having dreams that it was a girl so I was prepared. Hey my brain at least had it right. She was being stubborn so I think I have to go back again sometime to try to look at the heart again. Her arms were above her head most of the time. She sleeps like I do. It was funny, I had to leave walk around and come back and when I got back she was all stretched out with her legs up on one of my walls. Like hey there take it easy, relax. haha. Kevin was all super lovable after that, hes super excited. So this has to be one of the best days of my life :)
       I really can't think about anything else. I think I'm finally letting myself let this whole pregnancy set in. I was too afraid to be happy and excited about it before since I had the tubal last time. But its really real. She moves, shes a she, she has Kevins nose. Its just so much I feel like I'm going to explode .

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