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subject. questions

             I am terrible at updating.
             So the day at the hospital went well. They must have not been busy because the nurse was there like that. She was really nice and didn't make me feel like an idiot. So it was round ligament pain after all. They wanted to check the good ole insides and everything there was locked down like a vault. They gave me a script for more potent tylenol (that still doesn't work and muscle relaxers that do. So I had one hell of a nap that day. I ended up falling asleep after I took the muscle relaxer woke up just in time for bed then went to bed.
           Things still hurt and I imagine they will up till like 20 weeks or so. I was trying to read ahead in the baby book to get an idea. I had no idea pregnancy was this painful before birth. But its not like I hung out with tons of pregnant chicks, you think I would have since all my friends have had kids forever and I'm the last one out of everyone to finally have kids. But the hand me downs are great.
          The 21st can't come fast enough. I'm dying to know whats in there!!! I think it's a boy, its kind of been embedded in my brain for awhile now. I totally shut out the thought that it could be a girl. I will be happy either way just kinda really shocked. Lil girls are so cute though. So Kevin had to tell me to keep my mind open just in case its a girl. He thinks im going to be upset if it is. I just want a healthy baby!!

          So Digit (I don't care if its spelled "wrong" its the way I like) is done with his week of reptile meds and he is sooo hyperactive. He spends the whole day running around his aquarium like an idiot. He has found the ability to jump very far in there. He has a field day when we take him out, he makes me tired but this is good training. Now since his toes are healed (I guess they have a smell they emit when they're sick called Necrosis) so thats why last week the bigger brother kinda went after his feet. I thought they were fighting and the big one like mauled the little one but it was just cuz he smelled bad. But all is well they literally kissed and made up. And were still behind like 300 bucks since we had to pay 80 for the vet and meds and we had to buy a whole new bearded dragon starter kit along with things for the inside so thats like 250?
          So Kevin got a nice aquarium for the Betas and put a plexi glass divider in and bought them plants. It has a filter so we don't have to change the water every 4 days and die of the stink of the water. Seriously I hurl so bad even if I don't have to clean it since the smell permeates the apartment. Anyway. So they were happy the first day and near dinner time the 2nd night I thought the one fish Zongo was sleeping in one of his plants.. Nope he died. and the next morning Kenzie the lil fish was dead. So there ends our experience with fish I suppose. I still want to try it one last time because fish are a nice touch. So I will work on Kevin today about this. If we get new ones and they die too then were SOL. I think it might be because betas don't do change well and we put them in a whole new environment.
          It really doesnt feel like 11 days before Christmas. It didn't even feel like thanksgiving... We have so much crap to do. More Christmas shopping on payday and lots of family events.

        My dad and Tina still have to meet Kevs parents. We figured this would be a good time since were getting married in January and having this baby.

Ok so heres some questions if anyone can answer them for me I will be forever greatful.

* Where would I be able to aquire a maternity coat? Or do I just have to go buy a huge coat and hope I don't outgrow it??

* How to I post pictures on here behind a cut? I posted one picture and it was huge and wouldn't let me make it smaller. I used to be a livejournal pro but I took a few years off of it!

have a wonderful day

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