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after turkeyday post

      Thanksgiving went all good. It was the first Thanksgiving with my Dad :)
       Wednesday was the day that Kevin had to go in for his doctor to make sure his shoulder was recovering and all good after the shoulder surgery. They gave him a prescription for physical therapy 3 to 4  times a week with a 10 dollar copay. (bullshit) And then we went for his lumbar puncture. It took like all day. I slept like shit the night before and so we all did I found out when Kevs mom picked us up. The hospital forgot about him in the hall so he didn't get to see us untill 45 minz later. So he had to lay down for the rest of the day or else he would end up getting a spinal headache and you dont want those. So this headache might come back up to 2 days later. So the poor guy is suffering from a headache still. :(
       Kevin got his paycheck and bonus earlier that day so I was reminding him how we should get bearded dragons soon. So my impatient ass got him thinking to do it that night. Yay. So he could lay down I went to pick up the tank kit and everything. So my pregnant ass was carrying this wide ass heavy box to the car and some car had the nerve to beep at me. I was using the crosswalk asshole and I looked both ways TWICE. So then Kev went with me to the Mills to get the lizard. It turned into us getting the 2 little ones so they'd have someone to hang out with. Long story short. the smaller of the 2 lizards was real lethargic and didn't eat or anything, he was also shedding so he didn't really open his eyes. The lil one ended up dying thursday night :( So we had to put his little body back in the tupperwear thing they gave us and take him back. The same girl that helped us with these 2 was there and just made this sad face. Its nice that there are caring people that know what they're talking about working there. So they were out of beardies so we called petco and petsmart to find another one. We went down the road where the lady said there was 3. There were really 4 there was just a really tiny one that all the other ones were sitting on. We ended up picking the biggest little one and he was hyper. They get along great. They do this funny wave thing to each other, it just signals that "hey im cool " . lol.
         We went to the backyard brawl yesterday. It was freezing and I felt like I was seriously going to die. I'm already anemic so I was turning blue. Kevs mom got me a warm pitt hoodie since she insisted that I was freezing and she was right. We lost poorly.

Ah. Well I promised Kev I would clean the house today. I'm feeling better and I feel like my old self again. This 2nd trimester shit isn't so bad after all. Knock on wood now that I said that. So off to clean ! And Kev has to go back to the tattoo shop today and work 2 to 6. He doesn't wanna go back yet but what can you do?


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